Content Creation: Why does it matter?

Brand Storytelling:

  • Just like every person has a story to tell, every brand has a story to communicate to their existing and potential customers.

  • Brand storytelling not only engages consumers on an emotional level but it also helps to achieve higher recall and recognition for the brand's product or service.

  • When a brand effectively communicates its story, it starts to develop a relationship with its audience whilst working towards brand loyalty and creating brand advocates along the way.


  • A blog will allow your brand to engage with its target audience by providing the business with greater transparency and therefore giving the consumer more of a reason to trust your brand.

  • In addition, a blog would help with the website's SEO as well as keeping the website both fresh and organic.

  • A business blog that is designed to enrich consumers' lives will develop a loyal readership that could in turn affect the reputation and the influence of the brand in a positive way.


  • Do you want your message to be rational, emotional or a bit of both? Understanding the merits of each type of message is integral in making sure that the brand reaches its target audience.

  • Do you know who your target audience is and what their needs and hopes are? Again, these factors can affect how you convey your message.

  • Do you want your message to be short and sweet? Or, would you prefer something longer and more in-depth? Both styles have their merits but they could also make a consumer switch off or even worse, make a message and your brand forgettable.


  • What is the purpose of your video? Is it educational or do you want to produce a video for a brand or viral campaign?

  • Have you identified your audience and brand story?

  • Screenwriting is about visual storytelling but dialogue does have a function and it isn't to relay the actual story: script editors would call that being too 'on the nose'.

  • A good screenplay grabs its audience emotionally and moves them through a captivating story. As for plot, this isn't the story but it is essential to push the action forward. And in a video, there had better be action or something happening onscreen.

Photography and video:

  • Photos and videos increase the possibility of engagement between brands and their target audiences. 

  • Authenticity is key when creating images for social media in order to build trust with fans and followers.

    Creating a sense of time and place can help to create an authentic image and so does allowing the viewer to feel as if they are being invited into the moment when the photo was taken.

  • From Snapchat to YouTube and from Instagram to 360°, each video format addresses different audiences. This is why it is important for brands to understand their target audiences, so they can choose the right platform(s) as well as create the most entertaining content to engage them with.